Do you want marijuana legalized?

Alcohol is one of the worst drugs around- it impairs beyond function, it destroys the liver, and is so deadly yet people turn to it because its "legal". Pharmacy drugs prescibed like morphine are habit forming and create horrible addiction, or have side effects that cause suicidal thoughts or other terrible effects. So why not marijuana? Its natural and has many benefits medically and many benefit from it.

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62% Yes 31% No 4% Unsure 4% Other
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Of course. The government does not have the right to tell us what we can and cannot consume.

Largely cut out the criminal element
Far fewe,r non violent, persons jailed
Many, many tax dollars
New industry
New medical research
So many favorable reasons....

Yes. I see little harm and many benefits. Medicinal, clothing, economic...

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If people in my area switched from alcohol or meth to weed, the violence rates would drop, especially domestic violence. The local hospital's ER can be run off it's feet on a saturday night ..mostly alcohol related. Meth overdoses come second. Apparently nobody gets admitted for a weed overdose.

Yes. It is supposed to be good to avert diseases like Alzheimer's.

I don't smoke it myself, but I would definitely like to see it decriminalized.

I wonder from a legal and social perspective if there's a difference between decriminalising something as opposed to legalising it?

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Great!! thanks heaps for this! I've been looking for an explanation like this.

It's ridiculous that people get arrested for possession of a herb that grows out of the ground. It also has many medical benefits. If it were made legal nationwide, it would not be good for the big pharmaceutical companies. That is why they fight the legalization of marijuana.

becasue its actually not bad for the body... in fact when it hits your system and you go to take a drug test it will stay in your system for up to a month thats becase your body stores it and uses it upfor many things but it can cause your lungs to blacken up worse thjen smoking cigarettes