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From your article -

"As Trump’s supporters walked past these protesters, some said they weren’t sure what or whom to believe. Several said that while the Republican plan isn’t perfect, they believe it’s probably better than the Affordable Care Act and its plans, which can cost more than a mortgage payment.

A 51-year-old history teacher from Alabama said his 27-year-old son was kicked off the family plan on March 1 and has yet to find an affordable alternative. A 53-year-old self-employed construction worker watched his premium go from $133 per month several years ago to $803 this year, even though his income didn’t change. A couple in their 50s who own a manufacturing plant in Decaturville say they stopped offering their 60 employees health insurance several years ago when plans on the exchange were cheaper — only to see the cost of those plans skyrocket beyond their employees’ means.

When the federal health exchange launched, Nancy Ware, 58, researched plans for her son, who works in the service industry and is now 35. At first, she said, he covered the cost of a $250-per-month plan. When it jumped to about $500, she covered half of the cost. Last year, when it grew to $700 per month, he decided to go without coverage and pay the fine, according to Ware. Now, she said, the price tag is $900 per month, which would have been half of his wages."

That is so stupid It just pisses me off, fuck you current society

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