Here's my theory on what's going on in the US right now with Trump and his opposition. What do you think, Amirite?

Over the last few decades, maybe longer, the elite that control the US have set things up in a way that basically takes advantage of the public. The media they control manipulates rather than informs, and the politicians they control feather their own nests rather than representing the best interests of the public, selling influence to fund their political campaigns. When Trump came along, he was the first genuine populist to actually break through all that and become President. Others have tried, Ron Paul, Ross Perot, and probably others, but the political class and the establishment media were able to keep them out. Now that Trump is in office, the thing the elite fear more than anything else is having a populist President with the public on his side, because that combination basically means the end of their dominance. So they're using every lever at their disposal to prevent that from happening.