Everything I've said has been said before. Everything written...the same.... Nothing is original, anymore. Sometimes I despise the English language... What do you think is wrong?

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There are days when it feels like it has....

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Yes! You've got it. Nail on head.

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Tiff has got it... The World is running on reruns. And politics certainly is.

Nothing is new under the sun.

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um...big bang?

or I guess for some, "let there be light"

If you don't see or hear anything brand new, you're not looking hard enough

Sometimes I feel that way about music. Musicians either add their own twist to styles they like, or they react against styles they don't like. Seldom does someone come up with something truly unique.

Wrong with what? Learn another language. Say something you have never said before.

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Most of the words in English have originated from languages such as Sanskrit......and so the above statement is true.

Oh no hang out with me for a day...sometimes the shit that comes out of my mouth shocks me and pretty sure it ain't been said before ono smilie


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