Globalization = War on Western Civilization?? ***** Democrats want to partner with a whole lot of people to steal your country, your heritage, your traditions, your blessings, and your legacy. Are you gonna wake up? Now the Democrat obsession with abortion makes sense. Kill off Americans as much as possible and import compliant voters. Makes sense doesn't it? In my lifetime, I am going from the new invention of "color TV" to the Muslim destruction of Europe...The cultural Marxists have done a fine job of brainwashing our young people into rejecting and hating their own country. Are you gonna wake up???? They replaced spiritual faith with their fanatical fascist global ideology. Weapons of political correctness, multiculturalism, universal values and globalism failed humanity. To defend America now is to be defending "whiteness" in the eye of the progressive Communists. Speak boldly about the superiority of white western cultures. Ignore the name calling, let it run right off your back. Reject political correctness at every turn. This is a war that must be won. Call out leftist regressives for the totalitarians they are. The empirical facts are in and the diversity hoax as been debunked. We need to educate the masses. They want to come here because we are simply someplace that's full of old money, dumbed down people, believing all things false...... and easy to loot . No other reason for the invasion. Their country has been decimated, ruined, destroyed....Ours is ripe for the picking.! Prey on people's stupidity, lack of the truth, people's compassion disguised as "the right thing to do" they say! Are you really gonna wake up???? Millenials spent 7 years in college for a 2 year degree in Lesbian basket weaving now complaining they can't find jobs. Schools run by carefully controlled agenda see to it that all patriotism, history and self identification as Americans is, "snowflaked" out! PADLOCK LEFTIST UNIVERSITIES!!!!or is it already too late?

Nobody in the schools or universities teaching actual history any more. That is intentional. TOO many degrees now in gender or ethnic studies. Their only career path is to become part of the grievance industry. COmmunity agitators, community organizers...who does that remind you of.!??
Democrats want you to murder your babies and import someone else's. What is going on here is White genocide disguised as Multi-Culturalism? Say it isn't so. You can't....
The truth SHALL set you free..
The left still hasn't caught up with reality ... PC is DEAD. .. Died on 11/8/2016 R.I.P Americans are free to say what they really think. There was a time when Democrats thought it was cool to own slaves, just as they think it's cool to kill their babies.
Are you ready to wake up?????

When I get called racist now I just say "damned straight and don't you forget it". It blows their mind, they don't know how to respond.
Drives them MAD!
BULLETIN: That's why they fight so hard to protect Planned Parenthood, major tool in the arsenal against American People.
Show me a single example of a successful Islamic country................[crickets] There isn't ONE!
ARE YOU......going to wake up soon!

Pass it on....if you think it will WAKE up anyone!!!