When he Said Make America Great Again What do you Suppose he Really Meant?

Somebody needs to write a Trump to English dictionary. As one reporter put it "It's hard to cover Donald Trump because you're not sure what he means when he says words." Spicer and Conway are constantly trying to spin what he said into something not crazy without much success. Surely his supporters can see him for what he is now, right?

After seeing the republican "replacement" for ACA and Trump's budget is there anyone who still thinks Trump belongs in the WH? This gets more ridiculous every day with one disaster after another. If this total insanity and recent wiretap delusions don't convince Trump voters they royally fucked up what will? His cabinet of crooks wasn't enough to throw up a flag and the constant flow of "alternative facts" didn't do it. This will definitely wake them up, right? No it won't. They'll cheer as the flag is raised and they start rounding up Muslims. There are actually people "praising the lord" for giving us Donald Trump. It's more of a religion than a political group and as such facts are meaningless.This country is too stupid to see that Fascism isn't coming to America it's here and as predicted came wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. Now we have Tillerson trying to start a nuclear conflict on his trip to Korea while he banned all but one reporter from FOX and she wasn't part of the pool so she doesn't share info with other reporters.The next stupidity is Trump's tax cuts. He wants to be sure to make an unfair tax system that drastically favors the rich even more unfair. Societies with such unfair tax systems always degrade into despotism. Trump wants to hand out more free lunch for the 1% as he guts all social, environmental and consumer safety programs. He was stupid enough to push through two pipelines and fuck Native Amerians in favor of foreign corporations. If you think I'm kidding or crazy saying this is the rise of the Fourth Reich or you think it can't happen here WAKE the fuck UP. History IS repeating itself right before your eyes.