Why do some people get all bent out of shape when a simple non-bias question is asked?

The question is not posed in a way to suggest the asker has an opinion either way, yet some people have a tone in their response like someone is against their view, or that the asker is wrong for asking...why is that?

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They don't. They get bent out of shape when we ask a biased question in a non-biased way.

I think some people read something into a question that isn't there and get offended by it, while some questions deliberately have a hidden bias. If I'm not sure, I usually ask a follow up question for clarification.

A post with an intentional hidden bias usually doesn't get a response. Something well intentioned does.

What's that supposed to mean?


Some people always have to be right and when someone disagrees with them, then the war begins.

What Linnster said.

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