If you're neighbor's dog bites you hard enough to break the skin, do you strike back at it?

I was playing stick with a neighbor's obese labrador retriever. The dog gives up quickly and plops down next to me. So I'm thinking, 'get up you lazy f#@k', and go to grab the stick. The dog snaps at me and catches my thumb and wrist area. Reflexively I made a fist and was about hit the dog.

My neighbor said something like, "Oh, did he get you? ... Well, you can't grab a stick like that from my dog or he'll do that". And I'm thinking, "all that may be true, but I still owe your dog one".

BTW. I love that dog. His family and hours have super bowl parties every year, and when it's at his house I think I spend half the time playing with the dog. My family always had a black labrador retriever (or two or three) when I was growing up.

We don't have any dogs now, but that's a different sad story.