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Lethal injection or the electric chair?

There's a variation of this scenario.

Two identical twins are in cahoots to murder someone. One of them then commits the murder, leaving no fingerprints, and the other one establishes an ironclad alibi by being at a party with lots of witnesses at the time of the murder.

Naturally, each twin claims to be the one that was at the party, and they are so identical, that none of the witnesses can swear which one it was.

What do the courts do?

@TomboyJanet Jail them both. I'm an Identical twin though so Don't do that :P

But you can't jail them both, because one of them obviously didn't do it, and of course the twins were careful not to let anyone know there was a conspiracy between them.

And you couldn't convict just one twin, because there would always be reasonable doubt that it wasn't the other twin that did it.

P.S. Don't mess with twins. biggrin smilie