Do you clip your fingernails or bite them off?

71% I clip my nails 14% I bite my nails 14% Other
doctorwho1011s avatar Jokes & Humour
7 7

Now i clip them, short
Hate, hate long fingernails.

Biting leaves them a mess.

Sofias avatar Sofia I clip my nails +2Reply

I usually grow my fingernails to the point. After Moon's trajectory gets shifted, I know there is excessive mass... Then... Clip. Clip. Clip, clp. clip.

ZonkeyBallss avatar ZonkeyBalls I clip my nails +1Reply

I usually bite them off, haha. I've always had that habit. It's not a good one. Not at all.

StephenBs avatar StephenB I bite my nails +1Reply

Like Linnster, I file them.

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