Since I am no longer a Moderator, should I send in another application now that I am fully back?

Hello, Everyone!
A few months ago, I got fired from being a Moderator due to a huge amount of inactivity that I had done on this site. Should I send in another application?

Thanks in advance,

25% Yes, you should! 25% No, you shouldn't! 17% Undecided 33% Other
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No, just come on here and enjoy the site with the rest of us.

It doesn't matter to me one way or the other. We'll plod along happily either way.

@StephenB Thank you for your answer!

I'd say , ask the other moderators if they need help. Budwick seems to like the idea. Serenity might like to weigh in too.

Its all up to you. Ser gave you the best advice imo

Thank you for that advice, Ser. :)

Sure! Why not?

Budwicks avatar Budwick Yes, you should! +1Reply
@Budwick Sure! Why not?

Thanks for your answer! :D

Is there a particular reason why you'd want to? As I recall, you were either a founder and and/or administrator and moderator of a SodaHead FB group too, and you were rarely active there either.

That is a horrifying thought.

What if they made me a mod? That would be the beginning of the end of all humanity, with onions.

ZonkeyBallss avatar ZonkeyBalls No, you shouldn't! +1Reply
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This user has deactivated their account.

No, we didn't. He and Thor are on their honeymoon in Phaetox Centauri. I just received a postcard from them.

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Are you a good moderator? If yes, go ahead.

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