You attend your high school class reunions when they have them. Amirite?

My forty year reunion is happening this year. I do plan to attend.

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Nope. I think the reunion thing has died out in many places. Often, those who live in the same town don't even go. I went to my 40th since I was down there and only 3 people out of a class of 90 showed up.

@JanHaskell We had a big turnout at my 50th.

I wonder if it's a regional thing? It would be interesting to see if people in Arkansas were more prone to attend reunions than those in Montana, or people in Tx were more apt to go than those in NY.... Sounds like the makings of a science project here.

Yes, I most certainly do! We have one every single year. :)

I wated to do so, but forgot the date. No matter it will come up again then I won't have a date :')

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Man. you're old..... LOL

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At least you said teeth instead of tooth. My 45th is next year and I've already decided not to go as well. (Too many old people will be there)

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True statement. There were a few I'd lost contact with decades ago that I would have liked to see, and see how their lives turned out, but I guess that part of our lives is way behind us.

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And I probably have more miles on me than most as well...<s>

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The tires are bald and some engine work would sure help. They body doesn't look like it used to either. I'm just trying to figure out where those odd sounds keep coming from though.

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Cool.... sounds like we are ready to go cruising for women. Know of a good nursing home?


nobody will want to eat that cake. Must be the reason they do cupcakes so often now.

I've been to a couple, but won't ever go again....

Yes, I do. I attended my 50th in 2015 and really enjoyed getting together with old friends who now live throughout the country.