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You got...2?

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2 dental implants... I do...

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Huh huh...say no summed it ALL up brother...and one day it will be like anyother procedure...

Just think of what you could spend your money on...if not on the dental implants.

Who needs teeth, when you have perfectly working gums? Take a page out of my book and get rid of the rest as well.

Oh dear Sukie you just stepped in my realm maniac smiliemaniac smiliemaniac smiliemaniac smiliemaniac smilie

Most likely there will be materials much better than the ones available at the moment, the price depends on the material's base cost and the manual work the dentist does but with newer materials older techniques will get cheaper.

In dental medicine we have 3 very important criteria: The construction to be practical (durable, easy to clean etc), to be visually aesthetic and to be harmless as possible for the human health.

3 examples: Amalgams, composites and ceramic crowns.

Amalgams are a mixture of copper \ silver \ zinc \ tin with mercury as you can see mercury is not a good choice so the third criteria is very close to being compromised here, they're not aesthetic at all either they're dark gray metal pieces but at least they're practical, they're one of the best type of fillings even my grandfather's amalgams from his early 20's are fine and he's 70 now.

Composites are made of synthetic resins they're very aesthetic since they're white but they're not very durable as the material is not that hard since friction can eat away at it but they're being used more and more because they're barely visible and they're harmless to our health.

Ceramic crowns are one of the finest constructions, usually made of dental porcelain are extremely durable and very aesthetic but they're expensive and harder than the human tooth and with time will eat away at your natural teeth due to friction.

I was hoping that brushing one's teeth might become a trend.