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It doesn't matter either way. So yo don't have to decide.

Because it is not a good day
to die

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@Carla Because it is not a good day to die

Might as well wait a few days right? Why be in a big hurry?

Because once life is gone, we don't really know what it's like on the other side. Cherish the life you have and live it to the fullest.

When you die, everyone who loves you suffers terribly. Good reason not to die right there.

Some did......

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omg smilie I already have a busy schedule...I ain't got time for that.

hmm smilie Maybe the person that told me to go die 10 times this morning knew something I didn't

Everyone loves the Princess until she says she doesn't love them back that way crs smilie

@Sukiesnow kill me sometimes...:)

hehe smilie that seems to be a popular phrase...I have heard it from two other people today

That can also work by changing the days - why not tomorrow instead of today? Are you in a hurry?

Sofias avatar Sofia Disagree +2Reply

Well my rationale is why not wait til tomorrow instead if it doesn't matter which day?

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Live as long as you can.

I want to live to mess with commies. smirk smilie

Cezars avatar Cezar Disagree +1Reply

Today is a good day to die.


(We could always have a death orgy with klingons... It would be wonderful!)