A blind date should be done like that...blinded. Also...meeting anyone for the first time should be done blindfolded. Can you tell me why this might be a good idea?

Do you know how much I would love to meet people like that? And escape the judgments and awkwardness of first impressions? Totally circumvent that whole social consciousness thing and by the time you finally do SEE them...you'll already be fast friends...without silly hang ups...Amirite?

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We can do those kinds of dates, too... hehe smilie

You accidentally watched someone welding and you have flash burn..

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That gets my vote ;)

I would have to pass cause I am known for my epic first impressions and why change a good thing now.

Plus I don't do blind dates anymore. Actually done with the whole dating thing all together.

I love meeting people though and if they bring cookies, I love meeting them even more


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...until you hear a click and a buzz - unsure if it's a muscle relaxer or hedge trimmer, lol - nooo thank you :)

WoW. Is this post ever going off track rapidly...hehe smilie

I only had one blind date, and it was great. He was a good looking guy, polite, dressed great and had manners.

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Anytime, Ser! Always love a good pic....

Yes I can see it as a good idea but being attractive is. Relieve it or not important too