The world isn't quite ready for people who are Transgender. Amirite. Amiwrong.

My Opinion is downer; but I feel it will take the World more time. If there was more time and education perhaps the ride might be easier.... For everyone. And the ridicule would be less.

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It's more of a lack of understanding. I was open-minded but a dear friend explained things to me and now I am understanding... and an advocate.

I suspect the majority of the world hasn't had much experience with trans people. I grew up exposed to the culture living in NOLA. It's such a diverse place, or it was for the near 20 years I resided there. It would be difficult even now to find a more eclectic population of people, all coexisting in a harmony unlike any that I'd ever seen in the cities / towns I'd live in.

So much so, that I'd forgotten what a huge thing bigotry is in the south. Even when the city was teaming with crime and listed as one of the most dangerous in the world, you couldn't feel it walking the streets.

After Katrina there was a significant wedge introduced to the people by politicians seeking to superimpose and the dynamic changed, noticeably. I went to Memphis for a time and it was like stepping back into the mid twentieth century. I was thankful to have had the life experience in NOLA, but to witness a place so backward by comparison added to what was already an incredibly shocking experience overall.

It's amazing the things the human brain will accept when subjected to it over a long duration of time, entire generations. The same is true for both places. imo

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Not true. Some people are just brought up differently...you can't fault them for their upbringing...let's say all of a sudden people arrive on this planet with 2 heads? How would you take to that?

I didn't mean for this post to be negative... It's merely a statement that it takes some ppl a longer time to transition....so let them...that does NOT make them terrible.

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But you would do a double-take. And this is the kind of double-take the average Joe Beer is doing and all I'm asking on their behalf is some more time before you judge.

Are you the type of Commenter who doesn't upVote or upLove a previous Commenter when there is a disagreement? I thought you would be different.

While I don't care what anyone does behind closed doors, I don't condone people who "demand" that people accept their behavior. Some of the same people who condemn people for voicing their religious views, are the same ones demanding everyone else to accept their beliefs about sexuality. It's a double edged sword.

@JustJimColo While I don't care what anyone does behind closed doors, I don't condone people who "demand" that people accept...

I think it's too soon. Eventually people will adapt...but not suddenly. Not overnight.

I caught my nephews snickering about Transgenders and that made me sad.

Also...as we mentioned...Trans are individuals...most of them would rather die than put most people out of their way...

If you were a male, but one innately feeling like a female? Wouldn't you still just use the Men's room? But of course if it gets to the point where you look clearly like a woman...you might use the Women's Room... We all have cubicles, anyway. Take the wheelchair one!

Well, this is where it starts becoming a bit unclear...which is why I think it's too soon to get used to new information.

But note my other post...there are some ppl who look like another gender anyway....ha...that's another topic...

The world is ready. The world doesn't have a problem. It's the people that need to "human-up" already.

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The world is divided into innies and outies. The world can't cope with any other case.

What part of "can't cope" are these goofy people complaining about? Why can't they hang out in bars like all the other misfits?

I didn't mean for this to be a NEGATIVE post...sometimes the WORLD isn't ready for somethings...and it can be really hard...

Nope they sure ain't but I personally don't give two shits, that is their choice not mine.

I will say I don't totally agree with having to change all the rules, laws, and everything under the sun because someone chooses to be different.


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