Ever considered watching SpongeBob SquarePants? Never...but the name sounds fun...

Image for post **Ever considered watching SpongeBob SquarePants?** //Never...but the name sounds fun...//
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I have a square sponge in my pants.

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I work with a guy that every time he talks all I can do is think of Squidward cause he sounds just like him hehe smilie

I watched it once while my laundry was running. It was ok, but not something I go looking for.

I've watched it many times with the kids. Not one of my favorites, though.

Out of all the great post today, I had to come to this one first....

OMG....I love Spongebob l smilie

My favorite is Patrick Star (I think cause I act like him sometimes, no joke)

We actually use a lot of Spongebob quotes in my house.

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I don't get it they're all under water but they can talk seems, ridiculous.

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