Trump's phrase of "fake news" is just code for "I don't know how to explain myself" when his administration is caught lying. Whether it is as pathetic as lying about inauguration numbers, or claiming Trump was in meetings all day when selfies show he was actually golfing. Amirite?

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His appointed 'mouth-pieces' do a pretty poor job of explaining him too, I'd say. It wouldn't be such a big deal that he golfs so often, really, if HE and many Conservatives hadn't made such a big damn deal about our former president golfing now and then. That, and his extremely 'pricey' trips to his cushy Mar-a-Lago club almost every weekend, where he golfs.

As I recall....way back when between 2008 and 2016 there were cell phones too, for that "business" side of golf. smirk smilie

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Trump has been disappointing I do hope he smartens up

The media did post an inaccurate image of the crowd at Trump's inauguration, I thought that was an immature and shitty thing to do.

Fake: Image in content

Real: Image in content

As for the golf thing, the WH said Trump made some calls in the early morning and had some meetings in the afternoon. They didn't mention the round of golf he played later in the morning, but the statement was a record of his government related actions, not a point by point itinerary of his activities during the day.

I guess it's kind of fitting that the examples you chose for this post are bullshit.

Make no mistake, "fake news" is a dog whistle.