Have you ever felt like you were born of the wrong gender?

I have never felt this way, but some people are attracted to the same sex, but consider themselves heterosexual because they feel that they are in the wrong body. Can you relate to this?

0% Yes sometimes 7% Yes always 86% No never 0% You mean like Kaitlyn Jender? 7% Other
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As an adolescent I once wished I had boobs so I could play with them.

Now I have moobs and I could play all I want, I don't.

I'm happy being male but if I could be the female equivalent of me for a while, just to try it out I would.... although guys would drive me crazy so I wouldn't last long hehe smilie

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No, never... I doubt you'll get many people agreeing to this post... I would not like to live like that..it is a really hard life and full of problems....

As if regular life weren't hard enough.

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I'm not bi but what you say makes sense to me

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I'm talking about you though. Are you saying sometimes you feell like a man?

Wait, demigod is a gender right? Cause I totally should have been born one of them!

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