It's lovely when someone gets you. Especially your sense of humour... Amirite?

Image for post **It's lovely when someone gets you.** //Especially your sense of humour...// **Amirite?**
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Yup. I can have a sarcastic humour at one moment, and the next moment, a more soft one. When someone can keep up with that, it's awesome :D

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Yes, it is.
Not many do
But...when i get got
It can get, good:)

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What humor?!! I'm just a tickle in John's left ball. Time travel can cause serious side-effects, you should know that by now.

I love it when someone cracks me up!!

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Understanding each other is the basis of communication, and sharing humour doubles the pleasure.
smile smilie

Your humor comes from iStock. Mine comes from iShock.

Oh it sure sadly it don't happen often so enjoy it when it does


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