3 things you hate NOW!!!

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1. Vore/death porn
2. Acting like a good little dignified girl
3. 8 hour plus workdays

1. Having to be pleasant when I don't feel like it.
2. Shopping without my VISA
3. Lack of respect for Medical Marijuana

1) Having to work
2) Having to shop myself for new places to work
(I hate sales work, including selling myself)
3) Vikings (the Minnesota kind)

liberal governments
liberal fallacy logic

1. Being told what to do
2. Excessive punctuation
3. Using numerals instead of typing out the number when its value is less than or equal to ten

Pretentious snobs
Bullies, liars (Trump comes to mind)
and being awakened by the telephone!

1. Stupid people (I know, I know not very princess like but I am irritated atm)

2. Learning I just drunk the last Java monster in my fridge ( that was really depressing let me tell ya I was on number 4) shh smilie I am really jacked up on caffeine...

3. Going to work and working with a complete dumbasses


Living on another person's terms, lies, and outdated constructs.

1. People who cried over Hillarys loss
2. People who are stingy and greedy and act like no one anywhere ever helped them with anything
3. People who are cruel to children and animals.
( let it be known that I hate the actions of these people- not the people)



Pictures that vaguely resemble porn but I can't sort out the body parts.

Janet, whats this a picture of?