Ya gotta love an auto shop that quotes you one price ........then charges you half!

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Yeah....i have been a loyal customer at my place a long time too

But....it is a busy place
They dont need my business

I really dig honest people

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Years ago......
Here is a story.....

When i lived in charlotte i had a toyota pickup. Had maybe 40k miles on it

I noticed it had a small oil leak

So....the mechanic looked at it, i watched.
I always do.
It was a seal.

So i go to the wairing room to wait for the repair.

About 15 minutes later, the guy comes back and tells me i needed to go look at something

He had the air filter off and the truck was running

Told me to put my had over the intake, or whatever it is called. He said "you feel that?" I said "what?"

He said " the hot air" i said "well, yes."
"That's called blowback, means your engine is no good" he says.

So im upset. Tell him there is no way. Truck is running fine.
He tells me, noo. You are gonna need a new engine.

I told him to replace my seal, and i would take my chances.

That truck had 300k miles on it when my 'stepson' hit a deer and totaled it.

So yes, honest mechanics ARE hard to find

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Yeah, man

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Been going here a long time
Just fair. But thanks for the cautionary

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The key would be to find such a shop.

much better then those who quotes a price and tries to charge more, thats for sure

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