SODAHEAD LOST but FRIENDS NOT FORGOTTEN This has been on my mind for the last two years now since Sodahead indiscriminately and without prior notice banned us from our internet home called Sodahead Many of us were shocked and dumbfounded to find out that we could no longer log into our Sodahead profiles and were also unable to contact our friends since our access to Sodahead had been abruptly and without prior notification terminated! This also kept us from retrieving any of our Sodahead mail or any of our content which for many of us was extensive. Many of us practically lived on Sodahead and it was a daily part of our lives. So for us to be stripped of our home on the web was akin to becoming homeless as many of us had no other social websites to go to. And even if we did have other websites, Sodahead for many of us was home base and a place where we had made many close friends with whom we had shared many common interests and experiences in life. Now, nearly two years later since our departure from Sodahead in June of 2015, many of us are still searching for our lost friends. It's though an avalanche had occurred and buried our friends alive never to be seen or heard from again. I suppose many of us went through a period of disbelief, then anger, and finally grief and resignation. For each of us we would experience these feelings, some to a greater extent and others to a lesser extent, but nonetheless it was still traumatic. So now we come to the point and the reason why I posted this. Many of us have been searching in vain for our lost Sodahead friends and it is disheartening to say the least. I know everyone here at Amirite who were former Sodahead friends are trying to start over and make the best of it but it's still not the same, and I know because some of you have made comments to me today in this regard. But please take heart <3 I do believe that we still have the opportunity to find our old friends and rekindle our lost Sodahead friensdships once thought lost forever. This will take dedication and team work to make it happen because we need to work as a united team so we will have a much greater chance of locating our old friends. Please make your comments and suggestions here. God Bless, Red White and Blue