Do you have Tech-Neck? It is an RSI: a result from bending your neck over your cell phone.

Another side effect of technology...a new RSI...Repetitive Stress Injury... Symptoms include tension and pain in the neck and upper back area...

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Yes...I have that... Of course I had it before cell phones, too, but it has been exacerbated...

No, my smart phone is an excellent invention for it's GPS function, helping me manage my appointments, hotel bookings, travel information and keeping me on here when I'm out. But I don't use it enough to have an RSI issue. However my work computer gives me sore shoulders and neck sometimes, so I'm not so happy about that.

No, I live my life without a smart phone. I decided that I wasn't getting one as soon as I notice people stopped communicating face to face because they couldn't tear themselves away from the damn things.

Nope. My cell phone is rarely switched on. (It's mostly used for emergencies like car trouble on the road.)

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I have that... I've tried all the different types of occupational health adjustments for my desk but none seem to solve it completely.