Asking for directions shows you are willing to take direction. Amirite?

You might be in a new mall and let's face it...asking for direction is better than striding around looking for one of those mall listings boards...which are never where you need them.... How are you about asking for directions? Do men still have a problem with it?

Image for post **Asking for directions shows you are willing to take direction.** //Amirite?//
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It either means my sorry ass is lost and I am about to run out of gas or I am completely lost and can't find the exit to somewhere.

I would never make a good leader because eventually I am gonna get ya lost


Nope...that's why i have a GPS...cut out the middle man..

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I hate getting lost, so if there is way to avoid it, I'll use it. Asking for directions is one of those ways.

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A last resort. I'd rather be lost.....

I have known plenty of people who asked me something and then told me to keep my advice to myself.

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I don't see many men responding to this post....:)