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We got Lucy as a rescue from the shelter. She had been found as a stray, and she'd apparently had puppies recently ... although nobody found the puppies. She was skinny, fearful, and had a very dull coat. Now she's healthy and shiny and pretty much runs the house! We're really grateful to have her in our lives.
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My pet Rhino was called Doorknob,
keeping him properly fed was a job,
but his father, Billy-Bob, was odd,
If I asked him a question, he'd nod.

"What is my native name", I asked,
B-B snorted and farted and tasked,
answering to his son, Deekaynob,
that is how fucked up was Billy-Bob.

I had a goldfish and I tried to take it for a walk. So I took it out of the bowl and walked around my backyard holding it by the fin.

People tell me to talk to my cats, so I gave it a try. But all they had to say was "Look, just put the food down and get lost, ok?"