What is the most annoying noise, in your opinion?

Image for post What is the most annoying noise, in your opinion?
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Someone clipping their nails.

People clearing their throat all the time....yikes.

@StarzAbove People clearing their throat all the time....yikes.

redface smilie I'm that guy. So first, on behalf of all us throat-clearers, we are sorry.

Tussin DM seems to help, but I don't want to take that every 4 hours for the rest of my life.

The screaming kid who always seems to sit behind me on a plane, in the theater, in a restaurant, and at my wife's family reunions.

People smacking their food, yapping dogs barking nonstop, babies left to cry and scream in a store, cats crying in heat, early a.m. weed eaters/blowers,

Really loud vehicle engines that sound out of tune and the neighbours start them at 5am to drive to work, but they seem to have to warm them up for ten minutes before they can drive.

The neighbor's quealing kids.

The words that come out of my bosses mouth


Star Wars tie fighters.

The most annoying sound is the caterwauling from government agencies that whine that they need more money from the working taxpayers just before they put their paychecks, pensions, healthcare and taxes up on the rest of us.

kids and babbies. Everyday at 2 pm they start yelling

My voice. I'll give an example.
Other people seem to like it, but I don't understand why. I don't sound my age, my voice is just plain annoying.

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