What’s special about the place you grew up?

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It was safe, and it was home.

When you came from as far out in the sticks as I did, there weren't any tourists... or for that matter, many strangers.

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My dad was a school kid in london during WW2 and apart from a few trauma's like his school being bombed he seemed to really like it too.

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My dad remembers the first thing being more food available. But there were restrictions for years apparently.

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She's good, was just texting her, I've been trying to get her to join AM but she's really busy with Uni and her job

The coastline was unique

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I grew up in a post-WWII neighborhood in Buffalo, NY where all the houses looked the same. My parents had 4 children and our house was 1300 sq ft. Our road was right next to a major thoroughfare. And being relatively close to Niagara Falls, we had a lot of big transmission power lines near us. I remember their buzzing - we often played underneath them.

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I was there.

I lived in a few places and they were pretty boring! Although the DA said he had worked in Chicago, and the crimes he saw in my small town were much more vicious