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stop trolling that is what you should do

Any idea how to find her?

Why did she close her Askfm account if she was physically moving? Most people rely on those to keep in contact with their friends. They usually only close them if they don't want to keep in contact. That's the message I get from what you've described.

I hope it isnt unrequited, jack.
Putting that much of yourself into someone without return is leaving you very open to alot of pain.

And you really have to be careful to not let a woman become an obsession.
That can be dangerous for you both

Carla I'm afraid to say this it is an unrequited love......but let me tell u its not an obsession. She is so cute, so nice anyone wud wanna be wid her. Just cud not have my feelings reciprocated, but I promise someday I'm goonna make it happen!!!

Are you certain, that you are alright?

I have loved only one girl and thats aviva....nobody else can tak her place!

But, my dear, only if she wants it.
You cannot make her want you.

If you push too hard, it will creep her out. And you will be left in pain.
You deserve a woman who loves you because of you.

Yeah, but carla she has something really special I've nvr felt abt any othr girl.....lets see if she doesnot accept me I'll get back to my usual life spend my time with nature.

First of all I need to find wher she is canada or Oz im confused......any idea how I can knw that?