I was introduced to her by my close friend who had a crush on her but did not have the guts to talk to her, later on even i fell in love with her. I just could not admit it to her. I found out that she was on 'askfm' and made a fake user just to talk to her. We both kept in touch with her through askfm. But one day we were shocked to hear that she was emigrating to Australia with her family and there was nothing we could do about it. I decided to talk to her but never could do so. Now she has left for Oz. I have decided to do my post grad from Oz i.e after 4 years. But i'm afraid i'll not find her. Do you guys have any idea what i should do?? Her name is "Aviva Coutinho"......Am I doing the right thing?

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You're living for a fantasy when the woman of your dream might be standing right in front of you.