What is a trait one of your parents have that you try hard to reject in yourself?

My mother is very self absorbed and critical. I love her dearly. But fight those tendacies in myself....

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Being open is really the key to have real relationships.

I know my mother keeps her feelings to herself. Might be the era that she is from

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Poorly worded, but you get it

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I make it, I spend it, I enjoy it. You can't take it with you.

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You are a fortunate woman

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Well, from what you say...
You are a less than average cook
I dont think you are trying, though:)

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My mother was a real softie and she let people run over her. I find I let people do that to me at times.

My parents didn't have any traits that I would reject. Both were patient, charming, loving, compassionate, understanding, loyal, friendly and so much more. I was blessed with two great parents. Plus they put up with my stubborn behind.

People loved my parents just as much as I did. It didn't matter what race, gender, sexuality, religion, or non religion someone was, they were treated people like family.


@Carla Fortunate

Yes I was. I know a lot of my friends didn't have that and that is why they spent a lot of time at my house.

I wish I had more of some of the traits my parents had.

My mom is very confrontational and isn't shy about voicing her thoughts on anything. I tried to not be like that for so long that I became the opposite, which I think now I like even less

The habit of seeing one's bad side before seeing the good.

Beating the dam kids. Calling his family "dam kids".

Self-pity. That's what my mother does, and I can't stand it.