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It is an odd feeling. I have it about 75 percent of the time I make a post.


I don't even bother upVoting or upLoveing them ... I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to...I'd rather barf.

I know! And if imagine your posts as being your kids...then you hate ...yikes!! Change thought! Change thought!

That is one of my experiences...what say you?

I dont post much, for those very reasons.

@Carla I dont post much, for those very reasons. Ugh...

I know, huh? Some times I go out side and stick out my hand...what does the wind say...

Well I see the Disagree Dickhead is back...oops I mean Disagree Bandit. crs smilie

I have now personally deleted over 500 posts that I never posted because I personally felt like they were not good enough. I am my own worst critic. Sometimes when I post something within seconds I am like "I can't believe that dumb shit came out of my mouth and on to the screen". Funny thing is they end up being very popular.