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Whether anyone chooses to believe in god or the messiah, whether anyone wants to worship a god who would punish his created by whooshing them to hell by the thousands, whether this guy is a prophet or a nut-bag does not matter.

The point is clear. After you wipe away the mumbo-jumbo; it is the point the man called Jesus made over and over again. It is the point many people who call themselves christians and debate here and elsewhere fail to hear.

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.
Forgive the Mexicans for wanting a better life,
forgive the jobless for wanting food and shelter,
forgive the terrorist for being misguided and committing atrocities.

Show everyone love. Even the Islamic Terrorist, even the 'lazy socialists', even the christians.
Show everyone brotherhood.
Allow them to see the light by being
kind and generous and loving and forgiving.

That is the true message,
that is the only takeaway.
That is the only way to be
a true human,
a true humanitarian,
and yes,
a true Christian

Forgive. Don't condemn. Do not seek retribution. Do not cast out or judge or prejudge. Just forgive.

That man just had a bad acid trip