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I dont quite know how that all works.
But i am happy to swipe that agree bar
And follow this post...

You are welcome

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Is the price different for disagree button vs the agree button?

In all serious I know that you are talking bout. I have worked for companies that clicking generated profit and my own website that that as well.


I don't know what it means but I'm a better person for reading this...just having your grace cast an eye over my the feeling of benevolence that it so richly deserves...

Thank you...oh...thank you.

In my excitement, my haiku head has deserted me.....

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How do you not see ads?

Who do you think pays for the site?

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Very clever!

Yes...I know it's supposed to mean something with numbers...I know, I know...any votes are good for AMirite's survival....the more the better...Amirite?

And's delightful...

JAMES are you there and can your respond to this comment of VicZinc's.

Somehow I feel like I'm calling out to God...ha...

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I get that.

But I like that this is a free site. I don't want to 'pay to play'

That is exactly what will happen if there is no casual traffic from anonymous users.

Sorry plat, if you want a private club, this ain't it.

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You don't get internet economics do you?

It's not about what we want, it is not a philosophical question...

it is blasted click throughs - that's all that matters.

If we don't get enough traffic the advertiser go away, then no one pays James and the site closes.

Seriously, what the freak do you think - this isn't a pay site - it is paid for by ads!

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Your ego knows no bounds. The only sensible thing you have said is "I don't know how it works" you have no clue.

You don't measure a website success by how much people like it, you measure it by how many clicks.

This site earns more revenue from one anonymous person down voting 35times than it does from 5 'members' having a 200 comment long discussion.

Once you are logged in your 'click' is counted. If you click on a vote anonymously that's one click; if you then clear your cookies and repeat the process again, that's another click.

The advertisers pay for clicks, not your loyalty.

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And how is cash flow for this site?

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The good news is once it is up and running it's pretty cheap to keep going. If the administration was making any money they would be here nurturing this site. That tells me that it is sustaining itself but not producing any real revenue.

I personally don't care if it makes money, but I know enough about internet commerce to tell you on no uncertain terms, to earn money on a 'free' site there need to be lots of non-members visiting every day. And non-members aren't going to visit a site were they are constantly being told they are not welcome.

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What does any of your petty rant have to do with OP or the concept that clicks = revenue.

I could not care in the least if you or anyone wants this site to earn revenue. Your wishes have absolutely no impact on economics, finance or accounting.

It's really very simple: clicks produce revenue and a happy Platinum does nothing what-so-ever to produce revenue for this site.

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I always enjoy having a mature conversation with you Plat. You are so level headed and logical.

Hmmmmm... I'll wait to comment until I've heard more explanations from people who know more at this than I do.