How much of a life needs given for the mere comfort of another?

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Is it selfish to better your life?
Leaving someone, whom you have taken care of for years, in the capable hands of others?
Even if that person elicits feelings of guilt and morose?
At what point do you step away?

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Thank you, will

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You nailed it Will. Balance and no regrets.

Right off the bat and being brutally honest. Step away. And give a loved one into someone else's capable hands.

By my gut instinct...it's the right choice...take a stand.

We did the same thing with our mother...it wasn't the PERFECT solution...but what is? Everyone was working....you can go into a circular argument...nothing changes...you have to deal with what IS.

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Very tough.
My sister and her family have decided to take this on.
They are all here and very capable.
Many hands
I have but two.

Taking her 800 miles away..such an undertaking.

But, boy.......the guilt

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After reading your explanation to Will, I honestly know there is no real answer. I have been there with my mama and to this day, I don't know if I made the right choice and some days I feel guilt. I really wish I had a good answer.


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