"You told me you loved me, then." Tell me: Why? What is the difference between NOW and THEN??

FYI: Only 10% of posts might be about the real me. But I've always wondered...what happens between now and then? This is about changes in feeling in everyone's life...this could be about anything... You could think fondly about some experience one year and the next, your feelings could be indifferent. What can account for that? Or is it chemical. The change from THEN to NOW. Mystifying. What do you think.

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Things change...people change...the important thing to remember is to walk away with your head held high if it caused by someone and remember that everything happens for a reason if it is things that change.


Nothing stays the same...

@DandyDon Nothing stays the same...

Your best friend in high school...suddenly, later, you don't like anymore?

Some peoples' opinions may change as new information becomes available.

Life changes. Sometimes feelings need a regular injection of emotions in order to sustain them. And if they don't get that...feelings can fade...emotions and memory can dim as a consequence.

This is why when you meet a childhood friend now...you're feelings will be duller than they were in your childhood diary....sad, but true.

ALL of the previous answers. Sometimes, time changes things.

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Love can be a really really wonderful thing...when it is with the right person. Finding it is just something I can't give up on.

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Too young to be so jaded, missy.

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Yes! We are living processes in a constant state of change. Much like a river, we are made up of different atoms from one moment to the next. I have a few pictures of myself as a baby, but where is that baby? That baby grew up and changed so much as to be nearly unrecognizable.

Some think our concept of identity is an just an illusion.

People change, what they wanted when they were 18 can be quite different than what they want at 30. We just have to roll with the punches and hope for the best. Best advice, don't believe everything someone tells you, the world is full of liars.

How often do people act like themselves at the beginning of a relationship? Not very often, mostly people present kind of a false persona that they believe their new mate will find more palatable.

If the ruse works, the other person falls in love with you, but they don't really fall in love with YOU, they fall in love with the fake you. Eventually you get comfortable enough in the relationship to really be yourself. At that point, the other person thinks you've "changed", because you have - into yourself.

If you'd been yourself from the beginning, you might not have gotten together with that person, but the person you do get together with would be falling in love with the real you, and that's much better. Unless the person you're falling in love with is presenting a fake persona. :)

Because people change.

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I had a lufe changing event that my ex couldn't handle. Instead of supporting me, she cheated.

It's a love tetrahedron.

The difference between then and now is that over a period of time of getting to know someone better, we are struck by a series of confronting disappointments about who that person is and whether our lives really are compatible or whether they really are trustworthy, or whether they really do make us happy. Takes some people longer than others to shed the rose tinted glasses

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