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Any job in the media especially a TV journalist. I would be so bad at interviewing someone especially if it was a politician. I could work in the research area though.

Anything in the medical field.

Animal Control Officer.

I would eat 'em all up.

EDIT: I would also make a terrible commercial pilot. I would just go making announcements to the passengers, that made no sense, such as: "Welcome to Hell. This thing is a lot heavier than air and might blow up in the next ten minutes. Have a nice journey."

Sensitivity trainer.

Police officer in charge of busting marijuana growers, sellers, and users.

Being an agnostic, I'd make a terrible minister

Anything with heavy math like accounting. Also Florist cuz I'm allergic to flowers, and chef cuz i'd blow up the building

I would not make a great sales person because I would find it difficult to emotionally blackmail people into buying things they don't need, just so I can have their money.

A male prostitute...I can't even give it away, much less sell it.

Porn star.

I'd be too embarrassed. omg smilie redface smilie biggrin smilie

a job where i have to lift really heavy things or be mean to people

Pusher on a Japanese train. A guy could get killed copping feels that way.

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