[TMZ] Ejected United Airlines passenger Dr. David Dao was convicted in 2005 of 98 felony drug counts and exchanging drugs for sex. His sentence? Probation. Feel better now?


The passenger who was savagely removed from United flight 3411 is a medical doctor with a sordid history.

Dr. David Dao was charged in 2005 with 98 felony drug counts for illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers. Prosecutors claimed Dao fraudulently filled prescriptions for hydrocodone, Oxycontin and Percocet.

Dr. Dao was also convicted on 6 felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit and in 2005 was given 5 years probation.

Dao was also convicted for writing prescriptions and checks to a patient in exchange for sex. In February, 2005, Dr. Dao surrendered his license to practice medicine in Kentucky. In 2015 the medical board lifted the suspension and allowed him to practice medicine with some restrictions. Last year, the medical board imposed even more restrictions -- now he can only practice internal medicine in an outpatient facility one day a week.

Interestingly, and relevant to the United incident, one doctor assessing Dao's case said he had interpersonal problems, noting "... he would unilaterally choose to do his own thing."

United Airlines Doctor David Dao Convicted of Exchanging Drugs for Sex (UPDATE) | TMZ.com The passenger who was savagely removed from a United flight is a medical doctor with a sordid history.https://www.tmz.com/2017/04/11/united-airlines-doctor-convicted-drugs-sex/Image for post [TMZ] Ejected United Airlines passenger Dr. David Dao was convicted in 2005 of 98 felony drug counts and exchanging drugs for sex. His sentence?  Probation. Feel better now?
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So he committed his crime and was tried and sentenced. Sure he doesn't sound like a good guy but it still doesn't change that his situation was handled way wrong.

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Do you think you have the right to assert your will over the flight crew on an aircraft?

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I don't think it's good PR, but it happens. And the airline had a good reason, they needed to move a flight crew to another city. If they couldn't do that in a timely fashion, hundreds of other passengers would have been inconvenienced, missed their connecting flights etc. The situation was bigger than that individual.

What is rarely mentioned in that story is 3 other people took the $800 and a free hotel room and left without issue.

The bottom line is, if you're on a plane and the flight crew tells you to do something, you have to do it. They're in control of the plane and you don't have a say in the matter. And as I said, there are proper channels to deal with a grievance, refusing to comply, throwing a fit and physically resisting the police isn't an appropriate response.

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Their stock took a hit, but it hasn't affected their ticket sales. I hope his lawsuit fails and he has to pay the airline's court costs. He wasn't assaulted by the airline, he resisted arrest by the police, and good luck going after them for doing their job.

I don't know about a plane, but it sounds like a great reason to drag him out of a medical practice

Judge not...

Dr. Dao's previous issues are irrelevant to the airplane eviction fiasco. The overbooking situation should have been handled inside the airport gate before permitting anybody to board the airplane, period. I just flew on four United Airline flights last week and this week and all of the overbookings were handled inside the airport building before boarding was permitted, no harm, no foul. Why was that not done in this particular case? I'm sure that his current lawsuit against United will get lots of attention!

Yup, that's what I did every time I was requested to do something by a police officer or sheriff's deputy, and the situation was handled peacefully (even though I ended up in jail, nobody was injured).

I took a United flight on Wednesday last week and they offered me $800 BEFORE BOARDING THE PLANE to give up my seat, but I would have had to wait until Thursday and stay overnight somewhere. But at least the situation was addressed inside the terminal and not on the plane!

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They didn't, but it reveals a pattern of behavior.

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It reveals a pattern of behavior, he disregards the law and does what he wants. He also got away with some pretty serious crimes with a slap on the wrist and this seems a bit like karma to me. I hope he gets nothing for his bad behavior, in fact, I hope he has to pay the airline's court costs for his lawsuit.

You don't have the right to assert your will over the flight crew on an aircraft. If you feel you've been treated unfairly by them, there are avenues to deal with it. This revelation about his criminal past reveals a pattern of behavior.

I love when people try to dig up people's pasts to justify an action that other people unknowing of this past do to him. It's TOTALLY irrelevant if he was a saint or a serial bank robber it's still wrong to do that to him.

Well, this situation turned out to be quite lucrative for this guy. He was mistreated but he is not the innocent image that his daughter tried to portray. He should not be allowed to practice medicine of any kind with his history.

who gives one crap? His history has NOTHING TO DO with how he was treated. Beaten until bloody and unconscious. Get a grip. Do you blame rape victims if they aren't virgins as well?

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Actually I do feel better I slept like a baby last night. Thank ya for asking....

Now to your post. I didn't know all that Thank ya for sharing

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Bottom line...Whatever he's done in the past doesn't matter..

If you argue with a police officer, things are not going to go good for you..
Agree with that or not, that's how it is...

Do what the man with the badge and gun is telling you to do..
Take your argument to a court...

Or...get the crap beat out of you....and wonder... Why?

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