Dare to dream...but for you, does that include buying lottery tickets?

Sure, I buy lottery tickets...if I'm in a foreign place...and I feel my good luck goddess smiling...But I haven't bought one in a year...so I'm not avid... I know ppl who consider the lottery bogus...and that it can bring you bad luck more than good...it's been proven that: in the end of spending all the money you are still back where you began.... Sure...you might say: I'm hiring an accountant first off...and I'll stick to a budget...minus a few giftees...but does that really ever happen?

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I have faith in our lottery commission that they manage the process properly. But the odds of winning are so remote that it's not a good investment especially if you are poor. Still, every day someone wins who says they bought a ticket today because they felt lucky so that makes it tempting. What you don't hear from is the other five million people who also bought a ticket and felt lucky but missed out. But I think I bought one a couple of years ago for my birthday present lol

Oh I have big plans about winning the lotto. Anything is possible.


Nope never bought a lotto ticket. 乂º◡º乂

I just can't see the logic in buying lottery tickets. You'd be better off throwing your money into the sea in the hope that it may come back with more money washed up on the shore.

The lottery is not a dream, it is a tax on the naive.

Yes, sometimes

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Pretty good. Your premonition is working for you.... I love what you did...