The Common Retail Shopper

I HATE working in retail over holidays. I love how kindness and patience go right out the door and people blame you for mistakes that COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE YOUR FAULT. I try to cut a guy a break by manually voiding a previous abandoned transaction so we didn't have to wait for the manager key, he thinks the voided items were added to his bill and cannot be convinced otherwise! Then an orthadox jew curses him out in spanish (WHAT!?). DAMN The worst thing about that was not being able to get it on camera! It'd be a viral video for sure! FUCK ME! but anyway, PEOPLE If an Item rings up wrong It's 99.99999999 percent of the time NOT THE CASHIERS FAULT! If you expect us to memorize the sliding scale of prices daily for over a million different items you're OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! If that was a requirement for my job I'd be like see ya at Target Bitches! If I could change the price myself to fix it I would but I can't IT NEEDS A MANAGER in almost every store this is the case. You're a disassociated MORON if you blame the cashier.