Walking through the world today is like walking though a PC minefield. What's important?

Several topics being discussed at dinner and then a couple were registered as topics we don't talk about; topics we don't NOW even THINK about...in that way. Still we pursued them; even though. Just being aware is important. Okay. One of the topics was...

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Had dinner at my nephews inlaws this afternoon.

We talked about gettysburg. Germany after hitler and in the 70's. The people of n. korea. Moving to tennessee and the food.

Political correctness really isnt an issue.
My niece has an exchange student here from thailand, her name is fong. Her brother ( my nephew) has a three year old who adores fong. My nephews fatherinlaw kept asking fong if the marriage had been arranged between her and my great nephew.
It was, of course, in jest. The girl couldnt stop laughing while trying to explain in her broken english that they dont arrange marriages there.
Wrong country.....

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Meh Just ignore it. The safety blankets are over everything

Some things just need to be ignored, it all works out better that way..

I find it amusing that a lot of people think that if you're polite and respectful to others, it makes you PC. Take from that what you will.

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