Does anyone wonder why Israel is still around?

Everyone cant stand Israel,and has been trying to destroy Israel forever now, yet no one has succeeded.If you look on a world globe, Israel is such a tiny country! So why is it still around?

0% Its a fluke 67% Its because their army is so badass 0% They are protected by a Higher Power 0% They dont exist 33% Other
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Their army is too sexy to die
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TomboyJanets avatar TomboyJanet Its because their army is so badass +3Reply


I always wondered why they haven't been attacked too. I just assumed it was because the US was an ally?

What a peculiar question!

The explanation is overflowing with hyperbole too! "Everyone can't stand Israel"? Really? It's not just anti-Semites and ill informed douche bags?

Put things in perspective Jaxxi, learn some history, speak some truth.

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