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Not weight. Trying hard to regain strength

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I dont know how warm it gets there, but i know the heat messes with blood pressure. You smoke, too. I cant tell you anything you dont already know.
Please......take care of yourself

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I can't imagine you with love handles....oh wait. lol

I would like to.

Is that you? :)

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She said she was gonna take a pic of a pic of herself in a bathing suit.

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I'm not sure. Sukiesnow, how about it?

Why lose weight for a picture? That's what Photoshop is for.

Where in the HELL is my 6 pack?

Oh I wanna lose more than just 10 lbs


loose 10 lbs of fat, i don;t mind remaining the same weight though

I wanted to lose 10 lbs last month but with what has transpired since then I now want to lose 15.

Im pressing agree for the hot volley ball babe

yes plz

Always nice to lose some bad weight. Summer or no summer.

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Good to know.


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