Janet's Predictions Checklist: Where We Are At

Trump will attempt to further the goals of companies and fields he has interest in: CHECK

He'll make baseless accusations about stuff that doesn't even matter anymore like the fact that he didn't win the election by much: CHECK

There will be a lot of scary shit regarding Russia: CHECK

Russia is not the heroic nation Cons said it was during the election: CHECK

Trump will threaten to use Nuclear weapons: CHECK

Trump will be just begging for a war: CHECK

Trump Will be involved in a sex scandal: CHECK

Trump will say the stupidest shit ever: CHECK

Trump will fill his cabinet with rich elitists: CHECK

Cons will defend Trump even when he makes a fool of himself: CHECK

Trump will still have business interests even though he's supposed to cut all ties: CHECK

...and people will overlook it and poo poo it: CHECK

TRUMPCARE Will be a dismal pile of shit: CHECK

The Republican party will be in civil war (Predicted this a bit early during Obama Vs. Romney but its ok): CHECK

Riots will break out/the peasants will revolt: CHECK

Symbols of girl power will be bitched about by sexist pricks who aren't worth the scum on my shoes: CHECK (Fearless girl, Rae, Jyn, Female Ghostbusters, coming soon: Wonder Woman Movie....because women belong dancing in rap vids in skimpy bikinis with Pitbull right?)

Trump will be at odds with allies: CHECK

Trump Will Be impeached before the end of his first term: Pending

Trump won't be elected Dogcatcher after this presidency: MOST LIKELY