Someone really beautiful gets loved right off the bat; whereas the rest of us have to really work at it. Amirite?

I've attended many workshops and the really beautiful ALWAYS get A LOT of the attention. It's also usual - being beautiful generally gives them confidence - so they can speak and do have some talent...which only helps their cause... I haven't noticed this at work as much...people there are just generally ALL dismissed, no matter how good-looking they are.

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I have to disagree. I've seen some very beautiful women who were as mean as snakes, so their looks didn't get them anywhere. Whereas as a nice person with a good personality will win every time. It's not how one looks, it's how one treats other people.

@Lil_Princess I agree with you. Sometimes pretty people can have pretty ugly hearts

I worked with a very beautiful young gal, the kind that people stare at, just beautiful. She was stealing from the company, got caught, was fired on the spot. Her beauty didn't get her very far.

When you say "right off the bat" you're talking initial reaction. So yes someone with physical traits that are commonly looked fondly upon by others will get more attention then someone that doesn't. But even they still have to work as hard to keep that attention as others have to work to earn it.

First impressions are always important. That's why people go to so much trouble to look their best when meeting people for the first time in real life. It's easier on the Internet because since you will most likely never meet anyone on here, and you can post any picture or say anything you want to initially attract people. But after time, on the Internet, as in real life, people discover what you are really like, good or bad. It's a lot more difficult if you are starting on the bottom floor but people will respect you for it as they get to know you. The av I have up right now is fake as hell but I did it as a joke..<s> If I really looked like this, I wouldn't have time to be on the Internet. LOL

I think it has a lot more to do with how people are treated when they're young. An "ugly" child will develop skills which will give him the attention that his "attractive" peers receive from looks. When these children grow up, their looks obviously change, the "ugly" and the "attractive" may actually switch, but the skills (humor, intelligence, creativity, etc.) that were developed during childhood often linger

If someone doesn't love me for who I am well they can kiss my country ass. Honestly only thing I am gonna work for is my paycheck and not to be loved.

I care what is in a persons heart not what is on the outside.


Good point.

Beauty is a double-edged sword. In some ways it will always help you get placed in life, get what you want, be accepted in general by society and be easily liked and admired by some.

But, it also has the opposite effect, mostly with other women (if the person in question is female). Other women will always judge you with a critical eye, jealousy will always follow you, and people who assume you must be arrogant and mean just because of your appearance will do everything they can to 'teach you a lesson' and make you feel worthless and less valuable than them.

Another bad thing about beauty is that people can tend to rely on it. People grow too attached to their physical form. They completely identify with it and obsess over their appearance, which actually brings a great deal of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with oneself, because no matter how good looking a person is, they will always find faults with themselves. It's the magic of the human condition.

Also, as we rely too much on our looks to get us through life, we neglect our brains, our personality, our individuality and our talents, making us into dull people. The interesting thing though is that everyone does this to a degree, it's just the more extreme cases of extreme beauty stick out more than the rest.

Also, it is in our genetic wiring to look and focus on things that are pleasing to the eye. It is not a conscious decision, it's actually completely unconscious, and unable to be controlled. Humans like looking at beauty, whether it's a flower, a landscape, a painting or a person.

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Im pretty sure she works pretty hard at it Image in content

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I once fell in love with a woman whose face actually looked like the back of a bus. Just because she gave me some attention.

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