Democrat Jon Ossoff Claimed A 'Victory For The Ages'

Democrat Jon Ossoff claimed a 'Victory for the ages' yesterday. He is running in a special election to fill the seat for the Georgia Sixth District, a Republican-dominated section of the Atlanta suburbs that had been represented by Tom Price, who is now Mr. Trump’s health and human services secretary. Democrat Jon Ossoff won 48% of the votes cast yesterday. The other 52% was spread among 11 Republican candidates. Ossoff claims outside interference - presumably by the Republicans that had the audacity to run candidates opposing him. Since Ossoff didn't win at least 50% there will be a run-off election in late June when Ossoff's 'Victory For The Ages' will be challenged. The left wing media is claiming this non-victory to be a referendum against Trump - (Trump was not running by the way.) What do you think?