Democrat Jon Ossoff Claimed A 'Victory For The Ages'

Democrat Jon Ossoff claimed a 'Victory for the ages' yesterday. He is running in a special election to fill the seat for the Georgia Sixth District, a Republican-dominated section of the Atlanta suburbs that had been represented by Tom Price, who is now Mr. Trump’s health and human services secretary. Democrat Jon Ossoff won 48% of the votes cast yesterday. The other 52% was spread among 11 Republican candidates. Ossoff claims outside interference - presumably by the Republicans that had the audacity to run candidates opposing him. Since Ossoff didn't win at least 50% there will be a run-off election in late June when Ossoff's 'Victory For The Ages' will be challenged. The left wing media is claiming this non-victory to be a referendum against Trump - (Trump was not running by the way.) What do you think?

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Hillary predicted one as well in her own election.

@JustJimColo Hillary predicted one as well in her own election.

Yup - and it really was a victory for the ages!

Just not for her.

all it means is that of the republicans running they got to pick the best to run against the only demacrat if you feel this is a win well keep dreaming someday they might come true

Let's see....he spent 8 million, had all kinds of celebrities stumping for him and he didn't get the 50% needed for an outright win? The average cost for an election of this kind is 2 million, looks like he tried to buy the election and it didn't work. If you listen to him speak he sounds very creepy to me and reminds me of some other guy.
I agree, the victory for the ages happened in November 2016.

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So, yesterday was not a victory for the ages?
Not a referendum against Trump?
Son of a ...

He should claim a victory! That district has been ruby red for over thirty-five years, and yet he got 48% of the vote. Even if he doesn't win in June, "the times, they are a changing".