Do you like Nerd Girls?

Image for post Do you like Nerd Girls?
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I am part nerd and yes I do

Yes? I find some of them very I'd love to have a peek at their nulldev.

@Carla ???????

Don't worry about it.

I just had to tell DS not to PM me this evening, since I'm getting flooded by the consequences of all of the stupid decisions I've made on this site. :D :D :D :D :D

I like most women.
Way too old for girls

I have liked some...the valedictorian in my graduating class was a nerd. When i saw her at Chrustmas break...omfg she was hot

Sure! I like girls, period!

Nerdy girls are intelligent and quirky, two attributes I really like in someone

What's not to like?

I am one.

Yes, but they actually gotta be a nerd and not just a girl with glasses who plays FPSs

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