What is one thing you will never do again?

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What was it like? I've thought about trying it but I'm not sure now

Fall in love with a Newfie.

@Thinkerbell What's wrong with Newfies?

They are lovely. Too lovely... I can't imagine ever moving to Newfoundland.

Marry. I had a great marriage with my late husband, but I'm not willing to start over.

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Pass them over to me ... I really enjoy them! yum smilie

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That's what I said about SodaHead. biggrin smilie

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Try to dig out toast with a fork...

I have a twitch in my left eye, every time i take a bite of toast now..

Ride the Big Shot in Las Vegas...

This might sound a bit weird to some, but I'll say it anyway! I will never have anything to do with being intimate with a member of the opposite sex. I have done it, quite a while ago. Being intimate with a woman was nothing like being intimate with another guy! The intimacy with the guy was one-thousand times hotter!

Go to a salsa party

Get married to a member of the opposite sex. I was married to a woman for 10-years. Is wasn't good at all! Then I found out what the problem was! we divorced, and I have since remarried, to an absolutely wonderful guy! We've been together for 23-years, were symbolically married in 1999, and "legally" married in 2005. Our 12th anniversary is on July 1st!

I had to put down my dog..my self...he was very old and sick....I couldn't afford the meds or even the cost of the vet bill to put him down...so,i took him out in the yard,wrapped a cord around his neck and choked him ...to this day I regret it

Watch/look at porn and masturbate. Those were such pointless things to do, and only caused me problems. Yeah, that was more than one but oh well.

Lose my virginity.