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Only one, although it might take years to decide which Amiriter actually does the job. 乂^◡^乂

None, there would be so many fights as to whose job it was that it would never get done.

Never happen. Some would turn it to the right others to the left, others just holding in the socket.

It can't be done because half will want to turn it to the left, while the other half will try and turn it to the right... and everyone watching will be in the dark as always lol

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Ada applauds hysterically. 乂^◡^乂


Looool xD I like my part.


That was really very good. Sometimes I don't think you're really much here with us...but you are moreso than I give you credit for....:)

How many could get IN a lightbulb? Think about it.

Kasara, why are you asking this?

You know my answer, way before I give it to you.

Silly... 42.

I can do that. I won't let an argument stop me.

It can't be done. That would require getting off their ass and leaving the computer for 30 seconds.

It would only take one, but it wouldn't get done because amirite seems to be refusing users changes ;p jk

Amiriters don't screw in light bulbs. We screw in hot tubs.

Depends on the Amiriter.