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No beers in there.
Not much else either...
Shit, i have to shop.
I hate grocery shopping

Both beer and wine...:)

uh oh tiffs gonna find something else for a fridge to have

Guess my fridge is the ultimate rollercoaster, no beer allowed. lol

I found this tiny fridge at where i work thats shaped like a big soda bottle and holds four cans

ps that thing in the pic really has oto make up its mind is it a train or a rocket?

There are other adult items than just rollercosters, there are also items that threw you up in the air, some rides give you a large drop into water, or haunted (maybe adult) themes...

Just like there is also wine, vodka and other items that you could make adult with the right person wink smilie

Image in content

Mine is so full there is no room for beer hehe smilie

Actually there would not be anyways but I seen the craziest thing at the store...individual bottles for sale. I had no desire to buy one but found it rather interesting.


I hate beer lol

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